Verily’s “Healthy at Work” solution: Big Tech companies want you to safely return to shared spaces

Healthy at Work
Healthy at Work solution integrates daily screening of COVID-19 symptom, testing and population analytics

Alphabet company, Verily Life Sciences, had launched a platform last year called “Healthy at Work” that will allow employees and students to safely return to shared spaces and offices while monitoring COVID-19.

Healthy at Work: The Healthy at Work solution integrates daily screening of COVID-19 symptoms, testing, population analytics, and continuing safety controls, allowing organizations to operationalize employees’ return to work and campus.

  • It provides organizations with screening and testing protocols and public health guidance to adjust plans to match their specific circumstances to combat changing COVID-19 landscape
  • Verily uses software, data science, and clinical expertise, and its scalable COVID-19 testing infrastructure and partnerships
  • Verily has developed smart COVID-19 testing through a qualified physician network

What we know so far: People participating in the Healthy at Work program can use the online interface to record health symptoms each day.

  • Program makes COVID-19 testing available through the “Healthy at Work” solution to individuals via various modalities, including mobile test sites, mail home kits, Verily community test sites etc.
  • Employers and administrators are given access to the centralized analytics to support them in customizing their return to work and campus program
  • Healthy at Work collects, organizes and analyzes COVID-19-specific health information

What’re they saying: Vivian Lee, MD, PhD, MBA, president of Verily Health Platforms said, “Healthy at Work leverages Verily’s ability to provide a secure, end-to-end digital framework for collection and return of information, and established COVID-19 testing infrastructure to support a safe return to work and school.”

Rob Califf, MD, MACC, Head of Clinical Policy and Strategy for Verily and Google Health, “Organizations that decide to reopen during this time are facing the challenge of addressing the unique needs of their populations while adhering to local and national guidelines. Our team is focused on understanding the rapidly changing COVID-19 landscape and providing best practices to organizations who aim to optimize safety while returning to work and campus in a planned manner that facilitates adjustment of practice based on timely analysis of data.”


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