US Election Results 2020: We’re in the last hour and all eyes are on American democracy!

US Election Results
Presidential election 2020 would have been simpler and kinder if there was no Trump

The odds are soaring that in next 24-72 hours the United States will see former Vice President Joe Biden reaching the magical 270-mark and seizing the crown of presidency away from Donald Trump. However, as things stand today, irrespective of the results in battlegrounds Trump is going to challenge the verdict in the country’s Supreme Court and it surely would be one of the most important decisions in the history of American jurisprudence and democracy. Also Read: US Presidential Election Results: Drama is still on with tight battle in key states, here’s the latest status in key uncalled states

The presidential election 2020 would have been simpler if there was no Trump in the race but America has changed and so has the world we live in. Also Read: US election 2020: Can Donald Trump bounce back and win second term? It’s not over, yet!

Everyone has the right to vote whenever and wherever, and in whatever way, they want to. However, for the first time in the history of the free world, someone has stood against these ideals of democracy and freedom and waged a war against the constitution. Trump has repetitively made misleading and outright false remarks alleging, without a shred of proof, that ‘vote by mail’ is corrupted. He has stated on several instances that he does not promise a nonviolent transfer of power. Also Read: Donald Trump focusing on front-line states to avoid becoming first incumbent President to lose re-election since 1992

The problem became even more serious after people noticed the delaying tactics of the postmaster general Louis DeJoy, a hyperpartisan Republican campaign donor. The timely delivery of votes was made harder, especially in states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. These votes will now impact and could decide the electoral votes for president and races for the House, Senate, and state and local offices. Also Read: US President Donald Trump and two other family members sued for fraud by niece Mary Trump

DeJoy should be investigated for his attack against the voting rights of Americans. No election commissioner or judge or Supreme Court justice should acknowledge or accept the discounting of these votes and this brazen attack against the voting rights of Americans- which prevented their timely votes from being delivered professionally.

Americans who stood in line amid deadly pandemic in the cold and rain deserve their vote to be counted. Brave Americans who serve the country by endangering their lives in uniform ought to have, and deserve, the right for their ballots to be accepted days after Election Day.

As far as the Supreme Court is concerned, Justice Amy Coney Barrett should disqualify herself from any case involving the election that could aid the president who selected her for the sole purpose of assisting him to fix the election. One must not target her or cast doubt on her honesty but the disqualification case is unambiguous and convincing. Similarly, it was shocking to see a recent view of Justice Brett Kavanaugh that could be construed as one that is encouraging those who stifle votes.

The eyes of the world are on America and its democracy. It is on trial and the world is hoping to get some answers that will drive it towards a brighter future. Let every voter who supports the rule of the land have the right to vote. Let every politician – left or right – remember that they will eventually be judged by the Supreme Court of history.


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