Sonam Wangchuk unveils solar-heated military tent for Indian Army: Here’s everything you need to know

Sonam Wangchuk
Sonam Wangchuk

India’s well-known engineer, innovator, and education reformist, Sonam Wangchuk, recently posted a video that revealed the interiors of a much-talked-about solar-heated military tent. In the video, Wangchuk talked about the ‘Made in India’ tent and said that it could sustain even under sub-zero temperatures and was carbon neutral.

Wangchuk, on Feb 20, tweeted about the prototype of the world’s first solar-heated, portable military tent to help Indian Army soldiers stationed at high-altitudes in extreme cold climates of Ladakh. The tent, he said, is big enough to accommodate 10 soldiers at a time and can keep them warm at 15 degrees even when it is -14 degrees outside.

“Replaces tons of kerosene, pollution #climatechange For 10 jawans, fully portable all parts weigh less than 30 Kgs,” he added. He also stated that the innovation is climate neutral and is completely made in India.

Sonam Wangchuk is well-known for inventing the Ice Stupa technique to create artificial glaciers. Ice Towers, or ‘Ice- Stupas’, are a form of artificial glaciers formed in a conical shape, to overcome the irrigation problem in the rain-deficient region.

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Earlier on Friday, Sonam Wangchuk informed his followers that his Twitter account had been hacked but was later restored. The account had shared several random tweets and a fraudulent or malicious link which showed that Tesla’s Elon Musk was donating free Bitcoins!


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