Risks of frequent consumption of non-vegetarian food

The non-vegetarian diet may not be as healthy as it is believed. Regular consumption of meat is associated with several health risks, some of which are:

  • Digestive issues and obesity: Digestion of meat takes more time as compared to plant-based food. Higher amount of protein in the non-vegetarian food may make it difficult for some people to digest it, and can result in health concerns like acidity, gastrointestinal disorders and obesity.
  • Heart diseases: Frequent consumption of meat, according to observational studies, increases the risk of heart diseases due high level of cholesterol. 
  • Cancer: Regular consumption of meat may lead to several types of cancers like prostate cancer, colon cancer, and digestive tract cancer among others. 
  • Diabetes: When one daily consumes high amount of red meat, type II diabetes risk increases by 30%. For such people, diabetes may develop within four years. 


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