Myanmar protests in pictures: Junta introduces draconian law requiring mandatory overnight guest registration

Myanmar coup
Myanmar coup

Thousand of protesters are on the streets of Myanmar for the ninth straight day of anti-coup protests. Myanmar’s army has announced changes to the law – Ward or Village Tract Administration Law – requiring people to mandatorily report overnight visitors/guests to their homes. Also Read: Myanmar protests: Night-time arrest of junta critics angers people as anti-coup rallies enter 8th straight day (Images/Videos)

According to the amendment, residents of Myanmar face a fine or detention if they do not report guests to local authorities. Also Read: Myanmar coup in pictures: Armed policemen fire rubber bullets and arrest students in Mawlamyine ahead of UN Human Rights special session

Myanmar’s junta has also suspended key human rights safeguards, including the requirement for a court order to hold people for more than 24 hours and restrict the ability of security forces to search/make arrests on private property. Also Read: Myanmar coup: Protest spreads to Japan and Philippines even as concerns grow over country’s cybersecurity bill (pictures)

Most of Myanmar has been thrown into chaos since last week when the country’s military-led by General Min Aung Hlaing detained Aung San Suu Kyi and overthrew her democratically elected government, ending a decade-old young democracy after generations of junta rule. Also Read: Myanmar edges closer to Putin’s Russia to avoid frenemy China

Bagan: a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Mandalay Region of Myanmar

Myanmar’s security forces have sped up the arrests of doctors and others joining the CDM or civil disobedience movement. CDM has witnessed huge crowds both in urban centers and isolated villages. Also Read: Myanmar coup in pictures: Protest continues even as US president announces sanctions against military leaders


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