Monkeys escape from German zoo for a day; later recaptured

Barbary monkey
Barbary monkey

As many as 24 monkeys escaped the Germany’s Tatzmania wildlife park on Thursday, and spent the afternoon in the sun before being captured again, the local police told media. 

The Barbary macaques, commonly known as Barbary apes, escaped from the zoo in Loeffingen, southwest of Stuttgart and not far from the Swiss border. It was not entirely clear how they got away, but construction work at the zoo might have been a factor, police said.

People initially spotted the apes roaming in a pack in part of Loffingen, and were later recaptured and returned to their cages without incident, police added.

“The animals apparently took advantage of the nice weather and spent the afternoon on the edge of a forest near the zoo,” police said.

While it was unclear exactly how the macaques escaped, police think construction work at the zoo created an opportunity for the monkeys to slip away. 

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