Jaguar Land Rover plans to go fully electric by 2039; first all-electric Land Rover variant expected in 2024

Jaguar Land Rover
Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), luxury car maker owned by Tata Motors, has announced plans to go completely electric by the year 2039 as it aims to be net zero on carbon emissions via launching clean energy vehicles.  

The Tata Motors-owned group’s strategy – internally referred to as “Reimagine” – comes as car groups worldwide accelerate moves towards fleets powered by electric and other green technologies, said the media reports. Also Read: Apple tries to seduce Nissan but fails, talks end over differences on branding of autonomous car

Land Rover will add 6 electric variants in the next five years and future Jaguar models will be built exclusively on a pure electric architecture, JLR said, adding, that the first all-electric variant of Land Rover will debut in 2024. 

By 2030, it is anticipated that 100% of Jaguar cars, and 60% of Land Rovers, will be equipped with zero-tailpipe powertrains, JLR said. Also Read: MV Anastasia reaches India after being stuck at Chinese port for 5 months


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