India’s internet quality is lowest, but has cheap internet & good e-governance: Study

India has cheaper internet and offers good e-governance


  • India ranked 9th on the internet affordability indicator
  • Scandinavian countries Denmark and Sweden topped the index
  • In terms of e-infrastructure, India occupies 79th place, ranking below countries including Guatemala and Sri Lanka

India ranks finds itself right at the bottom in terms of global Internet quality, according to a research released by online privacy solutions provider SurfShark. On the other hand, India is ranked 9th on the internet affordability indicator, and 15th on e-government. Overall, India ranked 57th on the Digital Quality of Life Index 2020.

The index, prepared by Surfshark, a virtual private network (VPN) provider based in the British Virgin Islands, sought to rank countries on internet affordability and quality, and electronic infrastructure, security and government. All parameters have equal weightage.

According to the survey, Israel offered the cheapest internet. It was followed by Canada and Azerbaijan. India scored the best on this parameter, leading countries like the UK, US and China.

Singapore, the UK and the US performed the best on the e-government indicator — arrived at by checking the state of government’s online presence and readiness to employ artificial intelligence technology and help “minimise bureaucracy, reduce corruption and increase transparency of the public sector”. India secured 15th position on this, ahead of the Netherlands, China and Belgium.

India’s Internet quality is one of the lowest across 85 countries analysed in the research. In position 83, India is at the bottom of the pillar with unstable and slow mobile Internet dragging it down in the overall Internet quality index.

The Digital Quality of Life Index found that seven of the 10 countries with the highest digital quality of life are in Europe, with Denmark leading among 85 countries. Meanwhile, Canada stands out as a country with the highest digital quality of life in the Americas, while Japan takes the leading position in Asia. Among the countries in Africa, people in South Africa enjoy the highest quality of digital lives whereas New Zealand leads in Oceania, outperforming Australia in various digital areas.

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