COVID-19: India approves Russia’s Sputnik V for emergency use amid sharp rise in daily infections

Covid infections

The daily new cases has shot up from 94,372 during Sep 2020 to 1,61,736 in April 2021. In order to control the prevailing condition, there are 53 central teams which are camping in 53 districts showing surge in cases, the Union Health Secretary told media on Tuesday.

The Health Secretary expressed his concern over Maharashtra reaching 57,000 plus cases this week. He mentioned that the sharp increase in  trend is being witnessed in most of the states with 10 more states following the trend – Chattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi and Kerala.

He also expressed concern over the low number of RT-PCR tests being done across states. Speaking about ramping up the RT-PCR tests he mentioned that the States/UTs, can make use of the mobile testing labs which have been developed in the country.  “RT-PCR machines are also available on Government’s e market place ‘GeM’ so that procurement could be easier for the States,” he added. The expected share of RT-PCR tests is 70% of total tests carried out by the state. 

“Rate of change of cases and Rate of change of Tests Per Million have to keep pace with each other,” Bhushan said highlighting the fact that will enable in tracing the positive cases at the earliest. 

He strictly spoke about adopting test, track, treat, Covid appropriate behaviours and vaccination in order to control the number of cases 

It was mentioned that more than 10.85 crore doses have been administered so far. He also spoke about the Vaccine wastage being witnessed in certain states. “On one hand we have Kerala with Zero wastage in vaccination whereas on the other hand certain states report a wastage of 8-9%.”

As a solution to control the wastage he suggested that the vaccines can be re-appropriated between the cold storages in different districts of a State/UT basesd on consumption of vaccines. “ If a particular district reports low consumption of vaccine while another district shows high consumption then the vaccine can be reappropriated between them in order to avoid wastage, if they prefer,” he said.

India has become the first nation in administering highest number of daily doses of 41,69,609, this. He attributed the reason for this achievement to the collaborative efforts of the Centre and States/UTs and also the Cold Storage Units, successful Inventory Management being adopted. “We fail to see the many number of people working behind in the Vaccination Drive to ensure vaccines reach citizens,” he said.

Meanwhile, India has approved Russia’s Sputnik V for emergency use amid sharp rise in the daily new infections. 

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