Cancer treatment: Nanobiotix and LianBio team up, expands therapeutic possibilities for patients with radioenhancer NBTXR3 therapy

Cancer treatment
NBTXR3 therapy uses a locally injected radio-enhancer for solid tumours to treat metastasized cancers

Nanobiotix, a biotechnology company that uses nanomedicine to develop new radiotherapy techniques for cancer patients, has partnered with Shanghai and Princeton-based LianBio to bring its lead product NBTXR3, a radio-enhancer. The therapy with NBTXR3 strengthens the dose of radiation directed towards tumor cells without harming the nearby tissues. It also triggers the immune response against the cancer cells. Also Read: Breast Cancer: Healthy habits, lifestyle changes and proper medication may lower risks of the disease

What is NBTXR3 therapy: NBTXR3 is composed of functionalized hafnium oxide nanoparticles that are directed via one-time intratumoral injection and activated by radiotherapy. NBTXR3 is being evaluated primarily in locally advanced head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC). Also Read: New drug combination therapy shows promise in fight against breast cancer

  • The therapy uses a locally injected radio-enhancer for solid tumours to treat metastasized cancers. Once injected into a solid tumour, it triggers an adaptive immune response and long-term anti-cancer memory
  • During radiation therapy, nanoparticles in NBTXR3 float inside the tumour cells and form solid clusters. These nanoparticles absorb energy and generate photons and secondary electrons when activated with radiation. Without radiation, the nanoparticles are inert.
  • The point of intense radiation created by these clusters inside the tumours makes holes in the tumour’s structure, causing the cells to die.

Nanobiotix and LianBio partnership: The agreement lets LianBio acquire exclusive rights to advance and commercialize NBTXR3 in Greater China, South Korea, Singapore, and Thailand. In turn, Nanobiotix will collect a $20 million upfront payment and is eligible to receive up to an aggregate of $220 million in potential conditional, development and commercialization milestone payments. Also Read: Explained: Here’s why some people who get COVID-19 don’t fall sick. It’s all in the genes!

  • Nanobiotix will receive tiered, low double-digit royalties based on net sales of NBTXR3 in the licensed territories
  • LianBio will take part in Nanobiotix global phase III registrational study evaluating NBTXR3 for patients with locally advanced HNSCC

What’re they saying: Talking about the agreement, Nanobiotix CEO and co-founder Laurent Levy, said, “Discovery of practice-changing therapeutics for major diseases through a physics-based approach, with the support of people committed to making a difference for humanity, is our mission at Nanobiotix. We have long believed that NBTXR3 will significantly improve treatment outcomes for patients with any solid or metastatic tumour, and we are grateful that a partner with the talent and capability of LianBio has agreed to walk with us in our journey. Cancer is a disease that knows no borders and bringing our innovation to patients in Greater China with speed and determination is an absolute necessity.” Also Read: Indian startup develops ‘OralScan’ to help early detection of oral cancer

Konstantin Poukalov, Executive Chairman of LianBio and Managing Director of Perceptive Advisors said, “We believe NBTXR3 has a highly targeted nature and broadly applicable mechanism of action and thus has the potential to change radiotherapy and immuno-oncology treatment paradigms by addressing key limitations of current standards of care.”


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