CAE posts 71% growth in first quarter of 2021

CAE posts record growth in the first quarter of 2021

Texas-based CAE, a global physical commodity trader addressing the semiconductor market, announces record unaudited financial growth for the first quarter of 2021. CAE reports total year-over-year revenue growth of 71% in Q1, with each month in Q1 growing faster than the last, culminating in March growing over 150% when compared to March 2020, as the Austin-based company continues to scale up to meet the semiconductor industry’s growing demands. 

As use cases for semiconductors increase with chips proliferating into everyday technology, integrated circuits have become a critical component to modern-day society. CAE is continuing to support technological development throughout the world by adding new facilities in Europe, including Belarus and Hungary, and the Asia-Pacific region, including Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea, Singapore, India and Australia. Also Read: CAE opens seven new facilities in Asia-Pacific region, set to triple footprint

CAE will continue to increase globally by providing on-the-ground support in every country with a fabrication plant. Additionally, CAE is rapidly scaling its platform reach, adding over 1,000 new assets and points-of-demand per day on average. CAE’s efficiency has allowed thousands of clients to increase production and enable suppliers to effectively sell excess assets and inventory, the company said in a press release. Also Read: CAE opens new facilities in Belarus and Hungary, to double European footprint by 2024

“We provide a confidential source for buying and selling semiconductor production equipment and commodities. CAE’s introduction into the marketplace has created a safe space for manufacturers to trade equipment without their competitors having an implication into their day-to-day business. We continue to provide a clear and comprehensive view into the market and thorough due diligence processes to ensure each transaction is completed safely and rapidly. Our 6,000 existing customers, and the hundreds of new customers we welcome annually, count on us to make the market safe and rapid, and provide them a comprehensive view into each of the assets on our platform. Our growth is driven by their success and the hard work of CAE’s professionals globally,” CAE, Chief Executive Officer, Ryan Jacob said.


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